Nonoka Komiya
Profile Nonoka 1
古宮 乃々香
Komiya Nonoka
Age 14
Gender Female
First Appearance
Anime Episode 1: Saucer City
Voice Actress/Actor
(Japanese) Shiina Natsukawa
(English) Candi Milo

Nonoka Komiya (古宮 乃々香?) is the main protagonist of the Sora no Method series.


Nonoka is a girl of medium height. She has short, purple-brown hair and similar coloured eyes. Her bangs cover her forehead, and a small ponytail is tied up on the right side of her head with a yellow scrunchie.

She usually seen wearing her school uniform which consists of a short sleeved brown-and-white dress and a pink overcoat tied together at the top with a long red ribbon. With that, she also wears long black socks and brown shoes..

When she was younger before she moved to Tokyo, she wore a red sweater over a white shirt, a dull green skirt, black tights and teal shoes (as shown in the anime).


Nonoka seems to act rather mature, taking on the daily tasks such as cooking for herself and her father, washing dishes, buying groceries, and cleaning. She seems to act self-reliant. She seems to be extroverted.


She used to live in Lake Kiriya City when she was younger with her parents. She had to move to Tokyo with her parents because her mother had an illiness that her father thought could be cured in Tokyo. After 7 years, she returned back with just her father as her mother had died of illness.






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