Shione Togawa
Profile Shione 1
戸川 汐音
Togawa Shione
Age 14-15
Gender Female
First Appearance
Anime Episode 1
Voice Actress/Actor
(Japanese) Mikako Komatsu
(English) Kate Higgins

Shione Togawa (戸川 汐音 Togawa Shione?) is one of the main characters of the Sora no Method series.


Shione has long navy blue hair and blue eyes. She is usually seen in her school uniform of which she wears without the pink cape and with black tights. In the first episode, Shione has headphones on, and in the flashback, earmuffs.


When she was young, Shione was very timid and shy, but after she met Nonoka, they became close friends with her and the others, resulting that she became cheerful. However, in the present, Shione acts mysterious and introverted, and is not seen talking to anyone regularly. She also seems to be cold, especially towards Nonoka, calling her a ''liar'' because she never came back. She is friendly towards and cares for Noel, saying that she was the one who helped everyone to be together again. Despite seeming cold, she is glad and friendly, and she's also a caring one.

Background Edit

Shione's first friend is Nonoka Komiya, when little Shione often photographed her friends photo. In episode 11, it said that once Yuzuki Mizusaka grabbed her camera and Nonoka held Shione so she didn't run away.

Chronology Edit


  • She, along with Nonoka, were the only ones who remembered Noel after she disappeared.




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