Sota Mizusaka
Profile Sota 1
水坂 奏太
Mizusaka Sōta
Gender Male
First Appearance
Anime Episode 1
Voice Actress/Actor
(Japanese) Kaito Ishikawa
(English) Johnny Yong Bosch

Sota Mizusaka (水坂 奏太 Mizusaka Sōta?) is one of the main characters of the Sora no Method series. He is the twin brother of Yuzuki Mizusaka.


Sota is a young teen of seemingly average height, with rather long and quite messy caramel, brown hair and similar coloured eyes. He is usually seen wearing a white shirt over a red t-shirt and black pants. He also wears brown shoes wherever he goes. His hair and eye colour are similar to of his sister Yuzuki.


Sota is the type of person who loves helping other people. He seen with helping Koharu in her shop and Noel, who he calls 'shorty' in rebuilding 'Monster-sama' -- a cardboard cutout stand-in. He also helps out in building the 'Planetarium' for the 'Hokubi Festival'.

Although he despises his sister's ways, he always loves and seems to care for her, going as as far as to cycling in the middle of the night, looking for her. He blames himself for going out for nothing, even when he broke his knee trying to find her. He is rather stoic.

Background Edit

Sota soon became distant with his sister because of the trouble she caused of wanting to see the fireworks (as they did every year), but this year it was not possible because the saucer had appeared and nobody knew if it was safe to do so anymore. In the middle of the night, Yuzuki left home with fireworks, which caused Sota to go look for her by himself. While he was looking, he fell from his bike and broke his knee. Little did he know that Yuzuki was watching the whole time. When he was admitted to hospital, he was asked -- most likely by his mother -- what he was doing in the middle of the night. He replied with, "Nothing really..". He did not know that Yuzuki was listening in from the outside, who muttered to herself that it wasn't true -- that he really got hurt because of her. Afterwards, it seems she is full of regret for what she did but does not admit it and instead always calls him 'baka' (translates to idiot).

They, however, forgive each other when Nonoka -- with the help of Koharu and Sota -- try setting up fireworks at docks but were not able to (because their request to launch fireworks was denied due to the saucer). Yuzuki then realises her stupidity and then asks the forgiveness of all three them.

After middle school, Sota states that he wants to study abroad. This was originally due to wanting to get away from Yuzuki but now it is because he sincerely wants to study. Since he is leaving the next year, he shows interest in going to the hot springs with his friends but instead he is asked to look after the shop while Koharu goes with everyone.

He later becomes really involved with the 'Hokubi Festival', making a planetarium for it with the help of many friends.






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